What a beautiful time we had together! It was such a lovely group; creative, enthusiastic, original and brave. We painted, played with clay, wrote some poetry, did some drawing, made a magical forest circle with found objects (including a live snail that insisted on exploring all the textures we’d gathered), did yoga every morning and had dinner round a fire every night. The food was superb, all vegetarian fare but tasty, wholesome and abundant.

Here is some feedback from participants. I was delighted with the response from everyone:

Thank you Isabelle, you are truly a remarkable teacher and presence.

This was a richly rewarding experience at every level.

I would say my only criticism would be in the run up — more information! You offered us SO much and were beautifully organised and grounded, however in the communications prior you could have ‘sold’ it a bit more (I’m talking now from a marketing persective so that more people can have this glorious experience).Thanks again. I enjoyed everyone and the processes so very much.

I feel like I’ve been on a real journey and am still on it.

Dear Isabelle,

I am writing to let you know how wonderfully fulfilling I experienced our weekend!

I have come away with an inner peace and acceptance ( as you often also encouraged ) to be who I am and to see my short-comings and for this to be ok.

However not to stop there, but to observe what I see and to “ cradle it like a little baby”; to include all of myself in my world; to love the ugly and to reject it less.

I also am finding joy again in a kind of acceptance and also in realizing I need to paint and draw and find myself again.

I saw how lost I have allowed myself to become. Seeing this is a shift and has me be happy as I realize I have my source of happiness in me.

I especially enjoyed your undemanding presence as leader allowing us the space to be there with each other in all of who we are.

Your manner is easy and firm; clear and not prescriptive but rather suggestive. And so we had space, I felt, to be there in freedom.

You brought a warmth to the group and to the experience of self in the group if this makes sense?

Thank you also for putting me in touch with the spiritual in me.

This weekend Isabelle Webb held a Spring Renewal retreat at Bodhi Khaya, a very special place between Stanford and Gansbaai. It was a unique, heartfelt, invigorating, oft daring exploration of where and who we are.

Apart from the exquisite surroundings, there was never a dull moment: time was super well-structured. Just as in her expertly guided yoga sessions, she presented the participants with moves and countermoves.

We would meander from focus to relaxation, from delving to revealing, from meditation to banishing the inner critic, from serious creativity to communal fun, from personal responsibility to childlike abandon.

The highlight for me was a morning in the ancient Milkwood forest. Talk about enchantment and primal elements! Singular driven egos soon melted away, morphing into collective makers of a “Snail Vegas”.

We were presented with a wide selection of fine art materials, well thought out and lovingly prepared. All creative projects were interlinked and well-paced. The group became this responsive organism, very fun to be part of !  Had there been more men, they sure would have enjoyed themselves. Something ‘cultural’ is unfairly holding them back. Im thinking aloud here, perhaps the word Retreat makes them think of melting down somehow, of being weak n feeble, who knows, but it sure had us amped and sparking, including one very virile brave heart who dared take part.
The silent serene cloister supper the first evening was followed by a Chatternooga Chew Chew the next!

The food was out of this world delicious vegetarian fare. Recipes flowed. Roosters looked languidly on languidly through the window. Many gems of wisdom were shared along the way, such as  the 5 Kleishas …and more.

Isabelle is a most open hearted, skilled guide who is able to offer steady direction, yet was never aloof or disconnected. Balance is her middle name.

Her carefully designed art projects, which range from writing, to drawing, to clay expression, helped us to ferret out the elusive true-self qualities which we all have, but which often are buried. Each project began with a brief meditation, consistently priming us to tap into our authentic source. The results were evidence enough. Each time we were all amazed at the vast variety coming from the exact same brief.
As a well-spring of Empathy, she has a gentle, yet firm way of cajoling each one of us into facing the less tasty bits of our natures and of life’s challenges. .

We all have different situational details, yet all have one thing in common: the quest to live as generous, conscious, sentient beings…

and going on Isabelle’s retreat had resounding Soul Applause from us all !
PS If you are like I was, hovering on the edge of doubt, towing the line of abstention, just jump in and do it! You’ll be so glad you did.