…and so let us all, collectively, visualize this magnificent Mother of all pearls in her total splendour, glowing with health, already healed, whole, radiating pure light energy.
Let us manifest Her into being through our collective pure intent.
Let us polish her back to her true nature, removing the layers of dead skin and delusion which obscure Her vision, so that She shines bright and true. Let our yearning for wholeness inspire us and keep us alert,
Let the momentum of our collective consciousness keep us focused, and keep our intentions clear. Let this clarity spread like liquid light.
Let us learn to honour and respect the Mother energy in all of us, learn to recognize the nurturing sustenance She provides with such abundance and grace. Let us remember the taste of Her nourishing nectar. Let us reinstate Her quintessential qualities as fierce protector of Her young, instinctive caregiver, loving provider, comfort giver, creative reviver. Let us learn to honour and respect Her.

Perhaps we need to start with our own beloved country, South Africa. Let us visualize Her as already whole. Let us manifest a true leader at Her helm, guding Her with wisdom, humility and generosity.
May Zuma be free from suffering and the root of suffering, thus ending the suffering he causes so many others.
May all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering.