This is a recent post I did on Facebook. My husband, Tom, much to my surprise, posted a photo of me busy painting a large forest,  yes, another one 🙂 which resulted in some comments to which I responded, just to give you the context.

Thank you all for your kind words about the forest painting I did. It is finished now, added a frog which was the last touch
Not sure if this here is the right platform; I have this ambivalent relationship with Facebook, but here goes anyway, not sure where else to put this.

Thanks should actually go to Taro. I felt his presence so strongly whilst painting this one.
Your radiance guided me my darling boy, couldn’t do it without you! Perhaps the two of us can ask Tyna if she would join us too, so that together we can contribute somewhat to the healing of this exquisitely beautiful and delicate blue pearl, iridescently radiant and pure, in whatever small way.
So radiant and glowing in health is she that she effects everything around her in the total cosmos, that she becomes both the first crystal drop in the galactic ripple of ever-expanding consciousness and at the same time the mercurial drop of rain on a nasturtium leaf.. You have become that, Taro, my angel boy, and your radiance is so powerful and so contagious that i’m noticing it rippling out before my very eyes. It can’t be contained, this light, it is bigger than this life and it’s working from a different plane, unbeknown in its direct, focused, limitless energy.
It is highly contagious too; all it takes is purity of heart, good intentions and kindness, it spreads easily, it is limitless and grows in strength and stature through communal effort. The sooner we all understand this, trust it, touch in on our true Selves, our natural state,.ie. to be kind, loving, compassionate, LIVE it’s ancient wisdom, the sooner we can communally change the face of this earth; Heal her aching heart, let her Soul Sing and her Spirit soar again, she knows exactly how to do that; we know it too. Let us all, together, remove the obstacles that stand in her way, in our way (we know which these are, ignorance to this, your natural state, is the prime one), to ensure she flows powerfully, gracefully, peacefully, naturally and that her healing flowing energy permeates swiftly, lightly, like fog stroking the cheek of an overhang. It gathers momentum like that as well, bravely, quietly, persistently, cumulonimbus, riding forth with pure intent, accumulating resilience and presence, unstoppable, authentic, adaptable, cleansing, fresh, sensual, essential, like a woman, like water.