March 2018

New intentions, to blog more frequently; trying to overcome my resistance to working on a computer, it’s actually not so bad, one has to just find the right place to sit, look up at the green, immerse yourself in a tree every now and then, listen to the birdsong, feel the fresh breeze, then the screen is tolerable. So much I want to share and I never know where to do this from, this seems a good way for now.

Tyna and Taro, my mom and our son, one taken by the sea, the other by the mountain, what extraordinary deaths. No trace, no mess, just pure openness, open-endedness, total re-absorption, full circle completion. Your individual and combined present absence is working from a plane unbeknown to us, unknown and unknowable, more vast and powerful than we can comprehend.
I feel your healing presence though, always, with me. Formless.
You are both coming into your full power now, the earth was too limiting for you both. I often sense the work you do, quietly,that perhaps we are able to do more, or have more of an impact, after we die. The world we live in is often so alienating because it is so dis-eased. Taro in particular found it difficult to live in this world, to adjust to what the requirements for ‘making it’ are in this world, as so many of us do.Taro was such an incredible example to me in this regard, he was so disinterested in the material aspects of life, needed so little. Materialism is such a powerful and seductive force and is robbing us of our spiritual nature. We need to be strong, collectively against its insidiousness. I’m reminded of Martin Luther King’s saying

‘there are some things in our society, some things in our world, to which we should never be adjusted’

and Krishnamurti:
‘It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society’

So, what to do? I still feel, with total certainty and with the assistance of those special beings from other realms, that pure consciousness, loving-kindness, compassion are the most contagious of all. That these qualities or energies spread fastest and with greatest ease, unstoppable and beyond all rational understanding, most pure when the intentions are pure. That one’s mere presence (just showing up) is all that’s required, that those absent ones are able to work through you when you are open and allowing and are fully present in the now. And that this is what the world needs most right now, it needs each of our individual conscious presence. We all need to focus on our spiritual development as a matter of urgency, whatever your particular belief system or spiritual practice may be. Can you imagine the capacity and immensity of our collective consciousness? It is endless, limitless!!
We are, each one of us, totally responsible for the state the planet is in. We are, each one of us the self destructive force that got us into this mess in the first place, but we are at he sane time the only solution.

So here’s the challenge to each of us, to connect within in order to truly connect with one another. Tyna and Taro are offering us a huge opportunity here; to journey inwards, get to know our true nature, which is constant and ever-present, untouched by external events, however devastating they may be. Taro’s mysterious disappearance assists me in constantly reflecting on the unknown and on impermanence. Emotions come and go, thoughts arise and disappear. The recognition that all things are impermanent is where liberation starts. It is so easy to become over-identified with our thoughts and feelings. Letting go is such a fundamental teaching. I am grateful for the intense lessons of letting go we’ve received and are continuing to receive.

We need to become still, be with the silence where we can access this peaceful place. it is so reassuring to rest here, in our divine nature; it is our true home.

‘`Remember these teachings, remember the clear light of your own nature. It is deathless’. Buddha