August 2020

More Corona Chronicles

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What is asked of us during this time? To ‘stay home’. What does that mean really? What this term pre-empts is that you are home to begin with. Are you truly at home? What does that even mean?Our true homes are not confined to any walls, however large or small, comfortable or intolerable. Our true [...]

Corona Chronicles

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Once again I’m finding myself in this familiar predicament, wanting so much to share, with the intention of assisting in some small way, and not knowing which is the most appropriate or effective way of doing so; which platform to use.  (though i also find that word, ‘platform’ a little strange, it has connotations of [...]

October 2018

upcoming retreat

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latest retreats

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Starting the retreats again. Feeling stronger now and able to hold the space for others again. I've decided to do these in Cape Town as well now, to make it more accessible and affordable.. (see ad on my website) Hope you're able to join! Treat yourself to a retreat, you deserve it!

March 2018

Blog entry

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March 2018 New intentions, to blog more frequently; trying to overcome my resistance to working on a computer, it's actually not so bad, one has to just find the right place to sit, look up at the green, immerse yourself in a tree every now and then, listen to the birdsong, feel the fresh breeze, [...]

April 2017

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...and so let us all, collectively, visualize this magnificent Mother of all pearls in her total splendour, glowing with health, already healed, whole, radiating pure light energy. Let us manifest Her into being through our collective pure intent. Let us polish her back to her true nature, removing the layers of dead skin and delusion [...]