Feel so inspired by the breath-giving-ly beautiful days we’re experiencing in Cape town at the moment. Spring has sprung in all its glory, we’ve had some more rain and there is such a wonderful sense of new birth, freshness and vitality everywhere, one can’t help but adjust accordingly!

So aware of our ability to co-create the life we want, our ability to bridge the gap between inner and outer worlds, our ability to experience nature by engaging on a physical level, allowing re-connection and re-calibration. Nothing like swimming in the sea (and I mean head UNDER, this is essential  ) to  awaken life forces and energize!

There is a tendency in our society to encourage suppression of any feelings of discomfort or dis-ease, by a variety of means, such as anti-depressants, alcohol, drugs, etc. in the false belief that those feelings will disappear.  In my experience they stay, even mutate and escalate, until one develops the courage to face them soberly and with eyes and heart wide open. The only way out is through.

Until one addresses the root cause, issues tend to multiply. It is infinitely more sensible, rewarding, effective to recognize firstly what it is you’re feeling, try to identify what lies beneath, and then just to be with that, just to allow those feelings to be. One needs solitude and silence to access the essence of what it is you’re feeling and one needs nature, in my humble opinion. Nature teaches us the patient listening and deepening required to transform. Just being with feelings of pain or discomfort of any kind in itself brings ultimate alleviation, surprisingly.

Spring is such an opportunity to re-connect  and evolve, such an enticing invitation to mimic nature and let those dormant talents, joys, and colourful characteristics flourish, beam and sing!